Regular Meetings

Each Wednesday, members of the Rotary Club of Baraboo gather at noon for lunch, fellowship, and a brief, community-based informative program. Each member is responsible for providing a thirty-minute +/- program (approximately once a year). Looking into the near future those members and their programs, where known, are listed below.

January 2 – Mark Tully – Sara Roltgen, Pres. Friends of Baraboo Public Library

January 9 – Aural Umhoeffer – Aural has committed speaker

January 16 – Mark Tully – Baraboo Origins

January 23 – Jim Weickegnant – Karen Desanto, big check

January 30 – No Meeting – Fifth Wednesday at Glacier Rock

February 6 – Gretchen Wagner

Mark the Date
February 27 – Kegs and Corks Coordination Meeting March 8 – Kegs and Corks March 27 – Food For Kidz Meeting